SMC Re-Brands as Turntide Technologies Inc. with Introductory Video

Check out this enlightening video introducing Turntide’s switched reluctance technology and vision    


Simon Potts, Managing Director of UK start-up Future Motors discusses why investment in green tech makes both good environmental and economic sense The UK government’s stated aim is to get carbon emissions to Net Zero by 2050, placing ‘clean growth’ – economic growth without greenhouse gas emissions, at the heart of its industrial strategy, to both play […]

wilko confirms nationwide rollout of new environmentally-friendly smart electric motor system for all HVAC units

wilko, one of the UK’s largest family owned DIY, homeware and garden retailers, has confirmed it will start rolling out a nationwide upgrade programme for all the electric motors that drive HVAC air conditioning systems in its stores.   Following an extensive and successful trial period, the retailer has invested in a new patented IoT-driven […]

V02 4Kw Motors Now Available

We now have an uninterrupted range of motors from 0.9Kw to 7.5kw with the arrival of our first stock of V02 motors. Another step toward out goal of ‘moving the needle’ for UK energy consumption.

Vacancy: Technical Support Engineer (Electrical)

Future Motors Ltd A start-up in 2018 is a business which joins software intelligence with physical product (electric motors) to enable significant energy reduction and control in businesses with the aim of supporting worldwide environmental goals as well as increasing the commercial success of those businesses. As a start-up we are focused on delivering exemplary […]

Principled Power White paper

Principled Power White_Paper Nov 2019

Introducing Rob O’keeffe

With 30 years experience and a career which started in Engineering and grew to include IT, Project Management, Technology Sales and Consulting; Rob is our third Key recruit for the UK team.  Rob’s technical experience and passion for simplifying process, Rob will be instrumental in supporting our drive to replace all UK electric motors with […]

UK has ‘no chance’ of net zero without action on energy efficiency, MPs warn

UK has ‘no chance’ of net zero without action on energy efficiency, MPs warn. I’m not advocating you take all your energy and sustainability advice from MPs, but this article makes a great point. “The latest report by the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Committee today argues improving the energy efficiency of buildings is […]

The Energy Efficiency Business Case for Buildings

Really interesting article in today’s Times about the challenge faced by commercial building occupiers and owners regarding energy efficiency. It makes the strong point that some landlords ‘totally get’ the business case for energy efficient measures. Electric motors in buildings (including heating, ventilation and air conditioning) use up to 80% of the building’s electricity consumption. […]

Future Motors Experienced Technology Manager: Kevin Broughton

Kevin Broughton, an impassioned Engineer with 30+ years experience in ‘Hands-On’ and Management of our controlled environments becomes the second key recruit for Future Motors Ltd. Qualified as an Indentured Process Controls Technician, specialising in Commercial & Industrial Refrigeration, Kevin’s experience, expertise and drive to reduce energy use will be a major asset in accelerating Future Motors Ltd growth […]