Commercial Property Managers

Total Annualized HVAC Fan Energy Savings of 73%

Customer Story

A property asset manager with over 3 million square feet of commercial space wanted to optimize the energy efficiency of its HVAC systems and make it more intelligent. The ideal solution could:

  • Remotely correlate rooftop unit (RTU) motor data with thermostat data collected by its Building Automation System (BAS)
  • Enable the company to evolve from a scheduled maintenance policy to predictive maintenance operations and dynamic maintenance scheduling
  • Provide remote monitoring and fault detection for improved service quality, allowing its facilities team to respond before customer complaints came in

SMC Smart Motor System Delivers Multiple, High-Value Benefits

Legacy Mechanical and Energy Services introduced the company to SMC. Legacy recommended upgrading an HVAC system at Bay Area property by replacing a fixed-speed, 1HP motor in a RTU with the SMC Smart Motor System.

About the Customer

The company is one of Northern California and Northern Nevada’s prominent developers, investors and managers of commercial properties. It is widely recognized for its office, retail, multi-family, hospitality and mixed-use developments.


Building Square Footage: 2,000 sq. ft.

HVAC system size: 1 rooftop unit (RTU) (Manufacturer: Bryant)

Motor size: 1 HP SMC motor


By replacing an induction motor in one RTU with an SMC motor, the customer achieved total annualized fan energy savings of 73%.

The customer achieved power draw savings of 30% in Heat/Cool mode (1550 RPM) and 87% in Vent mode (690 RPM).


By upgrading one HVAC system at Bay Area office building with the SMC motor, the commercial property asset manager achieved total annualized fan energy savings of 73%. The significant energy savings were one of many benefits. The company also reduced peak load for the unit and the building, along with its carbon footprint. The simple motor design and predictive maintenance capabilities made the system more reliable and substantially extended its life. Equally important for a company that owns and leases office space, the company could better monitor and control comfort levels for

Pleased with results that exceeded expectations, the company contracted to use additional, larger-size motor systems across its properties.