Our Product

Intelligence and Efficiency

We believe the SMC (Software Motor Co) motor is the most efficient, reliable and intelligent electric motor on the market today. Using a patented Smart Switched Reluctance motor design, the SMC motor has combined a bespoke, intelligent IoT-driven software controller and driver to produce a solution that delivers a supremely controllable motor, at a much reduced lifetime cost when compared to alternative motors.

increase in energy efficiency

Field tests for the SMC Motor have so far shown direct energy efficiency gains against standard motors fitted with VFDs of 30% as measured and verified by the independent, U.S. Government funded National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

of the world’s electricity consumed by electric motors

40% of the world’s electricity and approximately 70% of the EU’s industrial electricity is consumed by electric motors, most of which are incredibly energy inefficient, difficult to monitor and unreliable.

tax allowance in year one

Clients can enjoy 100 percent tax allowance (ECA) in the year of installation, helping to improve cashflows, as well as demonstrating best practice in new builds and refurbishments for building regulations.

The motor’s built-in software and connectivity provides constant real-time monitoring of energy use, speed, torque, and temperature which allows automatic diagnosis of HVAC system issues. This connectivity also means remote controllability, maximising energy efficiency as well as enabling demand-side management to avoid higher energy tariffs and enjoy demand side response revenues.