Eco-Technology Start- Up, Future Motors Ltd, Introduces SMC’s ‘Smart’ Switched Reluctance Motor System To The UK Market

London, UK 28th January 2018: UK eco-tech start up, Future Motors, has announced the official launch of a revolutionary new smart IoT-driven Switched Reluctance Electric Motor system into the UK market. The SMC Motor System, exclusively licensed from San Francisco-based Software Motor Company, has been developed to minimise electricity consumption in commercial and industrial premises; dramatically decreasing energy costs for businesses in the process. It delivers this by enabling building operators, facility managers, and certified contractors to gain real-time visibility and actionable insights on the performance and management of a building’s electric motor-driven systems, ensuring they are consistently performing at the optimum level, with operating inefficiencies identified immediately.

Says Simon Potts, MD, Future Motors Limited: “Future Motors has been established by a team of highly-experienced entrepreneurs, all of whom have a long legacy of successful investments in eco-friendly technologies, to change the way industries think about and consume energy and help businesses extract maximum commercial value from their investments in green technologies.

“Last year, we witnessed the SMC Motor System in a series of successful trials and customer installs in the US and were genuinely amazed at the performance, real-time data-driven insights and costs savings generated by this system. We immediately seized on the opportunity to bring this incredible product to the UK.  These motors are set to be a genuine game changer in terms of energy efficiency and savings across a range of industries.”

Mr Potts says the SMC motor system will initially be targeted at the HVAC market in the UK, where there is already a strong body of evidence from North American customers to demonstrate significant cost savings and dramatic improvements in reliability and uptime.

The SMC Motor System uses a patented Smart Switched Reluctance motor design, which combines a bespoke, intelligent IoT-driven software controller and driver to produce a solution that delivers a supremely controllable motor, at a much reduced lifetime cost when compared to alternative motors.

The motor’s built-in software and connectivity provides constant real-time monitoring of energy use, speed, torque, and temperature which allows automatic diagnosis of HVAC system issues. This connectivity also means remote control, maximising energy efficiency as well as enabling demand-side management to avoid higher energy tariffs and secure demand-side response revenues.

Concludes Mr Potts: “The introduction of the SMC motor to the UK market is about much more than just launching a great product into a market that needs to find new, creative solutions to address its energy consumption.   There is still some inertia in the business community around the urgency for industry to play its part in reducing energy consumption and the carbon footprint.

“We want to challenge these industry perceptions and play a role in busting the myth that ‘going green’ commercially compromises businesses by demonstrating outstanding financial returns on green technology investments that are proven in the field. The introduction of the SMC Motor System to the UK market is the first step in this process.”