February 2021: The high performance, energy savings and significant potential for societal impact made possible by Future Motors’ Switch Reluctance Smart Motor systems has acheived industry wide recognition.

Future Motors won the Rushlight Energy Reduction Award with the patented Turntide Switch Reluctance Smart Motors, manufactured by Silicon Valley-based Turntide. It is the exclusive UK distributor.

With built-in software and connectivity Switch Reluctance Motors provide constant real-time monitoring of energy use, speed, torque, and temperature. This helps maximise energy efficiency and supports demand-side management to avoid higher energy tariffs and enjoy demand side response revenues. Digital and smart, they are future proofed for connection to on-site and cloud based BMS and BEMS solutions. They can also run intelligently where there is no BMS. The automatic diagnosis of HVAC system issues supports greater uptime and lower maintenance costs and helps deliver market leading efficiency (94%). Retrofitting is fast and affordable and future firmware upgrades are possible.

In their 14th year, the Rushlight Awards are the only awards that support and promote the latest clean technologies, innovations, initiatives and deployment projects for businesses and organisations throughout UK and internationally. They are open to anyone at any stage of development from inventors, early stage companies and charities to multi-nationals.

The independent judging panel comprised of recognised experts covering clean technology sectors drawn from academia, trade associations and institutes, independent experts and government departments. It said the clever and practical motors provide high performance and energy savings with the built in benefit of IoT monitoring. The innovation was relevant given the significant proportion of power used worldwide by electric motors and combined mature motor technology with modern electronics and smart control capabilities. It added the opportunities are great and realisable, and the potential societal impact significant.

Simon Potts, Managing Director, Future Motors: “We are delighted to receive the Rushlight Energy Reduction Award 2021 which recognises our work in saving major UK clients significant energy and costs in their quest for carbon net zero. It is personally satisfying for our team to be able to provide fast and efficient retrofit roll-outs of the Turntide Technologies intelligent motor into existing building HVAC systems and achieve financial paybacks of less than three years for our clients. Saving energy, saving money and helping save the planet makes work worthwhile in these challenging times.”